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The Alapaha Blues Tee (Version 2)

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One of Brian’s latest hit songs, “The Alapaha Blues” is now commemorated on this beautiful and super comfy Bella and Canvas, Heather Cardinal Tee! Once you put it on your body, you’ll find yourself doing the “Catfish” dance up and down the hallways of your home and workplace. It’ll be sure to bring a smile to all those frowny people in your life. The “BuffMan” logo is also printed on the left chest, while the Catfish Art is printed as a full back. Get one today!

Brooke is wearing a size Small. 

Shirt designed and hand sketched by Clarkesville, GA artist, Jason Fowler.

Printed on: Bella and Canvas 50/50 Tee, Heather Cardinal, Creme Ink


Way down south on a riverside

Lived a girl named May and her boyfriend Clyde

They had a dance like none before

That could make the catfish jump on the shore

It was a secret dance nobody knew

They were out there paying their dues

They were doing the “Catfish”

Wiggle. Wiggle.


Well, the river folk knew there was something strange

Cos’ there wasn’t no fish hooked on their strings

So they called Big D, the town P.I.

Maybe he can find out where the cats been hiding

What Big D saw nearly blew his mind

It was May and her boyfriend Clyde

They were doing the “Catfish”

Wiggle. Wiggle.


The river folk came and they knocked on the door

When Big D found what they were looking for

So they gave their gold and their first born childs

So they could learn the dance and make the fish go wild

It was the biggest thing to ever make the news

There was no more Alapaha Blues

They were doing the “Catfish”

Wiggle. Wiggle.


You put one hand up in the air

And shake it all around like a fish that’s scared

You put one leg up in the sky

And bring it down low like a church fish fry

You sway your body side to side

Make a jump and you’re doing it right

You were doing the “Catfish”

Wiggle. Wiggle.