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Caribbean Santa Tee

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Brighten up the room with Brian's latest "Caribbean Santa" tee! Perfect for wearing to all your favorite holiday parties, dinner buffets, and concerts featuring #happymusicforthemasses. And since Santa has gone all Caribbean, you wear this Christmas tee anytime of the year! Designed by Clarkesville, GA artist, Jason Fowler...also Brian's neighbor.

Printed on Bella and Canva Tee (Heather Sea Green)

Caribbean Santa Lyrics

Verse 1

5 years ago, I said goodbye to the North Pole Left my suit and skiing poles, Ho, Ho

Couldn’t take anymore, of making lists and checking twice I love the naughty and the nice girls and boys

Nailed to the door, my resignation and sled keys Tells the elves and Rudolph please, I’ll write home


Now I’m the Caribbean Santa
and milk in my cabana all day long
trees swaying, got my tan on
Claus know she got my heart and she sings this song

Post Chorus

Ho, Ho, Ho | Ho, Ho, Ho
is good down by the sea Ho, Ho, Ho | Ho, Ho, Ho There’s no place I rather be Ho, Ho, Ho | Ho, Ho, Ho
more snow and more happy Ho, Ho, Ho | Ho, Ho, Ho
you and me

Verse 2
I like to surf in the sun, in my red “ho-ho” Speedo

Waving at the birds and boats as I float
more jingle bells, bla-bla, something batman smells

Jimmy Buffett, “Come Monday”, as I sail
my beard in the wind, and as it blows I feel the flow

Of the magic in my soul, and all I want to do is hug a pink flamingo