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8th Grade Mustache Tee

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Printed on a super soft Deep Heather Bella and Canvas tee!

We carefully snuck into Tom Selleck's ranch in South Texas to get an up close and personal view of his magical mustache. It was so beautiful, that we knew it would be perfect for the "8th Grade Mustache" tee. Relive your middle school days by wearing one of these babies! Lyrics from the song are on the back.

Brooke likes to pair the small tee with denim and cardigans. She opts for a large with leggings. Brian likes to wear his mustache tee a little snug, going with a large.

Hand sketched by Clarkesville, GA artist and neighbor, Jason Fowler.

"8th Grade Mustache" Lyrics

Verse 1

It was my last year

At the middle school

I tried everything I could

I could, I could, I could to be so cool

I had the right gear

I wore the right pants

My thoughts were running out of control

When I would think about the big dance

There was this cute girl

In my math class

She would always give me a pencil

When I had to had to had to ask

So I had to ask her

To the 8th grade dance

Then she looked me right in the face

And said baby, there’s someone else



He has a eighth grade mustache

A jacked up Ford, but I'm glad you asked

You seem real nice,

And I really wish I could

Go to the 8th grade dance with you

But honey it just won’t do

I a man.....

He’s got a 8th grade mustache

Verse 2

He was this new kid

From some out of town other school

The son of Tom Selleck and

I swear he must of stood about 6 foot 2

He had the right walk

And the ladies loved to hear him talk

A southern mamas boy, yes mam

No sir, and he could play guitar

And so I had to ask, him

How did you get so cool for school

That's when he looked me right in the face

And said boy there's something that you need to know

It all started with my 8th grade moustache

My jacked up Ford and I'm glad you asked

You seem real nice and really wish you could

Grow a nice thick stache like me

But son how can that be

I'm a man, you're a boy

Without a 8th grade mustache


So I gathered my thoughts

And thought to myself

Can this be true?

Does it matter? What's the point?

I'm not you.

Then I looked at him with my little grin

And I knew what I had to do

So I said hey Johnny,

I got to say a little something to you

Forget about your 8th grade mustache

Your jacked up Ford, it’s a piece of trash

You're 17 and still in middle school

If you could just wake up and see

And earn your GED

And be a man, and not a boy

With an 8th grade mustache